Cc: or Bcc:?

There are three basic ways to send someone an email:

  1. Use the To: field, like most people do
  2. Use the Cc: field to send a copy to a secondary address
  3. Use the Bcc: field to send a secret copy

Bcc: stands for blind carbon copy. Addresses entered into this field are invisible to all recipients.

There are a few reasons you may wish to use Bcc: instead of the To: or Cc: fields:

  • If you want to prevent your recipients from accidentally hitting “reply all” and annoying your friends with replies intended only for you
  • If you want to keep your recipient’s email addresses private from the rest of the list (A best practice when you’re sending email to a large list)
  • If you want to email one person and secretly copy someone else on the same email

So next time you write an email, think twice before entering your addresses!